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Wazee Digital increases the value of sports rights holders’ video content through its advanced technology platform and rights development services. The company deploys its video technology to connect archival sports content alongside broadcast at high scale, create new ad and sponsorship vehicles, and extend the “life” of sports events by connecting to fan interest year-round. By bringing together technology, content preparation, and monetization approaches in a strategic way, Wazee Digital helps sports rights holders leverage their archives to grow the value of their live, near-live, and broadcast rights.

Preservation & Archive Access– Smart Content Foundation

Wazee Digital digitizes and ingests broadcast and archival content at scale, storing it in long form, master level quality. By applying robust, multi-track metadata (including play-by-play, statistics, brand information, location, etc.), we create a “smart content” foundation at the source, enabling a range of models for adding context to live broadcasts, supporting highly targeted ad units, and publishing rich broadband experiences with search and social functionality. This also enables access to sports organizations, teams, press, and partners through search, access, and preview functionality via a web portal.

Rights Development Services

Wazee Digital increases the value of sports rights by moving beyond reactive licensing activity to bringing together copyright enforcement, broadcast enhancement, and year round engagement with fans and communities. We work with a limited number of sports properties each year to execute this integrated strategy in order to make their rights among the most valued, protected, and engaged in the world. Our existing web footage storefront and global licensing sales force can drive immediate revenue by bringing sports content to the world’s leading agencies, producers, and creatives

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Preserving and Monetizing the NCAA's Assets
Wazee Digital preserves and makes more than 10K hours of NCAA Championship content accessible, enabling new monetization opportunities and use cases.
Australian Open Vault
The AOTV Vault, powered by Wazee Digital’s technology platform, enables viewers to browse 113 full length matches by game, set, player or match.
NCAA Vault
The NCAA Vault is a first-of-its-kind video publishing model, powered by Wazee Digital’s exclusive technology platform.
ACC Vault
Powered by Wazee Digital’s technology platform, the ACC Vault enables fans to access moments within classic Tournament and regular season men’s basketball games.