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The Best Resource for Film & TV Producers

Wazee Digital is the world’s leading provider of HD and film-backed content, enabling directors and producers to realize their vision and create compelling programs efficiently. Clients include Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, ABC, ESPN and HBO.


  • The largest library of high-quality motion content worldwide, including footage from Sony Pictures, National Geographic, Paramount Pictures, The Smithsonian Channel, and MGM, among others. Includes archival footage dating from the 1920s to the present and a vast range of aerials, establishing shots, special effects, and hard to find footage.
  • Extensive collection of sports rights, including NCAA®, SEC, ACC, Big Ten, The Olympics, College Bowl Games, and US Soccer
  • Industry’s deepest online library of professionally shot HD and 35mm backed content.


  • A strategic approach to working with clients from pre-production and development through post to maximize budget, speed, and efficiency.
  • Complimentary assessment and research services to help scope out project requirements.
  • Expertise in Rights and Clearances to clear footage, music and talent, even for content outside Wazee Digital’s collection.
  • Pricing structures to accommodate project budgets, including per episode or per season.

Search & Delivery Technology

  • Unparalleled technology platform enables advanced search by keyword, subject area, and related topics to help you find the footage you need.
  • Easily share content across teams through email, saved bins, preview players, and on-demand downloads of frame accurate comps.
  • All major file wrappers and codecs supported, including film transfers, direct download into editing suites, and 2K or 4K scans of 35mm negatives.

The Sole Destination for HD
Explore the largest online HD stock footage library of professionally-shot content.
Sony Pictures
Highest quality footage and production value from film and television programming.
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